Sailing Registration for SUMMER 2020

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Will there be sailing in Summer 2020?

Our target sailing start date is Monday, July 6, but the date could change depending on state and local guidelines and requirements. Priority will be given to club members. There will be very limited enrollment for non-members.


What Boats Are Sailed in the Program?

  • Optimist Dinghy: single handed
  • Club 420:    double handed
  • Cape Cod Mercury
  • Rhodes 18

Can My Child Participate If We Don’t Own A Boat?

  • The Club owns Mercurys, Rhodes 18’s, Club 420’s, and Optimists.  You need not own one of those boats for your child to participate in the program.  However, we encourage the purchase of Optimists particularly if your child is on a course for invitation to the race team.

Can My Child Participate If We Are Not A DYC Club Member?

  • Yes, the program is open to members and non-members but priority is given first to members in the event of over-subscription. 

Can My Child Show Up For Sailing Class Without First Registering?

  • No, the program is by prior registration only.  Please contact [email protected] to register for a sailing class.  Walk-ins are not allowed and will be turned away.  

Does My Child Have To Be Able To Swim To Participate?

  • With the exception of the Bay Kids program, all children should be able to swim without assistance.  Competent swimming skills are an integral component of safe sailing.  All sailors are required to take a swimming test on the first day of their lessons, so come prepared wearing a bathing suit.

What Should My Child Wear To Sailing Lessons?

  • Each sailor should wear a bathing suit to class and closed toed shoes.  Remember it is wet on the water!
  • Depending on the weather, sweat shirts and rain jackets are also recommended.

 In Addition, Each Sailor Is Required To Have the following items:

  1. U.S.C.G. Approved life jacket (REQUIRED) with whistle securely attached (REQUIRED)
  2. Shoes with covered toes (REQUIRED) - NO sandals


  1. These additional items are recommended:
  2. Hat
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Water bottle (with water in it!)
  6. Towel
  7. Set of dry clothes
  8. Sweatshirt
  9. Rain gear (we do sail in rainy weather)

Reminder that it can get hot on the water!  It is important for your child to be protected  from the sun - hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen - and from dehydration.  If your child is thirsty, then your child is already dehydrated.  Remind your child to drink water BEFORE heading out to sail.

Is Sailing Cancelled If The Weather Is Inclement?

  • Per decision of sailing instructors, sailors will be notified.   

As A Non-Member, Where Do I Park When I Am Dropping Off And Picking Up My Child?

  • A member of the sailing staff will be in the parking to greet students for the morning and afternoon classes. Sailors only are permitted on the club premises. Parents may not enter club property.  A non-member may NOT leave their car in the lot for an extended time to either walk to the beach or walk to the nearby cafe.  

As A Non-Member Is The Concession Open For My Child To Obtain Snacks Or Drinks?

  • No, the concession is open to members only so please pack any snacks or drinks for your child.  

What Is The Belle Of The West, And Can My Child Participate In It?

  • The Belle of the West is our Club’s annual sailing regatta but is cancelled for Summer 2020.  

Does The Sailing Program Include a Race Team?

  • Yes, our sailing program includes a race team.  We also offer an advanced sailing class, please see website for details. Sailors are invited to join the team when they demonstrate both consistent sportsmanship behavior and sufficient sailing ability to the satisfaction of the race team coach and/or head sailing instructor.  The invitation to the race team is by formal notification only and can be retracted if a sailor fails to show support for fellow sailors, fails to attend class regularly, or fails to race in the requisite number of regattas as determined by the race coach. 

Is the Racing schedule listed?

  • Regattas are cancelled for Summer 2020. In previous summers, there was a list of regattas which members of the DYC Opti and 420 race teams may participate in each summer.  It is our hope that members of the race team will be able to participate in many of these regattas. Instructors/coaches in consultation with the Fleet Captain and program director will determine which boats and fleets participate in the various regattas and communicate directly to the sailors and the parents.  A regatta may be added in any season at the discretion of the coaches.


    • Summer 2020 Regattas: CANCELLED 








  • All race team sailors must participate in our club’s Belle of the West regatta in August.

    A coach will attend Opti-only regattas provided there is a minimum of three DYC boats participating in this regatta.  If there are less than 3 Opti racers competing, then it is the sole responsibility of parents to bring the sailors and the boats to the regattas.

    The Head Instructor will post the tentative race schedule, with regatta dates, at the beginning of the sailing season.  The deciding factors for participation in any regatta are sailor readiness and safety.

    Regatta registration and fees are the responsibility of the individual sailor.  Regatta registration links may be found on the Southern Massachusetts Sailing Association website.  It is our recommendation that you register at least two weeks in advance for most regattas in order to reserve a spot.  In addition, all members of the race team should become members of the US Sailing Association.

    The Head Instructor will coordinate with parents about the trailering of boats to the regattas.  It is the responsibility of the parents to make arrangements for the transportation of sailors to the regattas.  As a prerequisite for attendance at any regatta, all race team sailors must help with the loading and unloading of boats to and from the regattas, as well as at the regatta.  Failure to help will result in forfeiture of a sailor’s right to race in that regatta.

    Participating sailors should remember to bring life jackets, closed toe shoes, whistle, hat, sunscreen, sweatshirts, spray jackets, sailing gloves, bailers, and a change of clothes.  While most regattas provide the sailors with on the water snacks, it is highly recommended that the sailors bring extra water and snacks.

    There are no refunds offered for any cancellations due to weather or water conditions.
    All classes will be held as scheduled. 

    There are weekly sessions for each sailing program except the Race Team, which is all season

  • Prices have been adjusted to match the class schedule. 
  • FOR MEMBERS: Please contact the DYC bookkeeper at [email protected] to register for all sailing classes.

    FOR NON-MEMBERS: Limited enrollment, contact [email protected]  






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